Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seminars during March 24-28

Popular Lecture Series
An Investor's Martingale Walk

Prof. M. G. Nadkarni, Emeritus Professor, University of Mumbai
Venue: Ramanujan Hall
Date: Friday 28 March
Time: 5:15 pm


I will explain what is a martingale in a very elementary manner, using
just sets
and functions, explain how martingale appear in Business Mathematics,
and discuss a consequence which is rarely mentioned in Business
Mathematics texts.

This talk may be of interest to students and teachers of Mathematics
and Statistics, as well as the mathematically inclined persons in
Business School.

About the Speaker:

Prof. M. G. Nadakarni obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Brown
USA in 1965. He has taught at Washington University, St. Louis
(1965-66), the University of Minnesota (1966-1968), ISI Calcutta
(1968-1980), and the University
of Mumbai (1980-1999). Currently he is an Emeritus Professor at the
University of Mumbai. Prof. Nadkarni is a Fellow of the Indian
National Science Academy as well as the Indian Academy of Sciences
and the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences. His research interests
include Ergodic Theory, Harmonic
Analysis, and Probability Theory. He has authored or coauthored over
50 research
publications and two books.

Tony Puthenpurakal